2009-2013, "A Maïzing Session With..." was a radio show devoted to experimental and improvised music, played in real time. Hosted by Anton Mobin from the Maïzing Studio in Paris and broadcasted on the webradio KKWNE, with flexible schedule. In a first part, the show consisted in live acts by international sound artists and musicians on tour or day-off or passing by Paris + in a second part, a free improvisation with Anton Mobin in different set-up. Sometimes Words. Often not. Sometimes Audience. Often private. Some podcasts absolutely Live !



Monday, December 3rd, 2012
Start 18:00 (gmt+1)
on the webradio KKWNE !


ROJO is the association of two young musicians of the european experimental music scene, basque miguel a.garcia (aka «xedh»), active in projects ranging from no wave noise rock to radical performance & improvisation, and french autoditact laptop musician xavier lopez. ice cold digital frequencies meets raw, lo-fi feedback generated sounds in a search for immersive, mind challenging formal constructions somewhere in between noise, new improv and computer music

Miguel A.Garcia - raw electronics
Xavier Lopez - ppooll

Basque artist Miguel A. García (also known as XEDH ) focuses on sound and its formal organisation, just between improvisation and electro-acoustic composition. His concerts put on show a combination of electronic sounds, field recordings and “real” instruments, aiming to get an intimate, immersive and intense experience.

Miguel A. García studied Fine Arts and Audiovisual Technology. He is also involved in projects like Mubles, Baba Llaga or Válvula Antirretorno. Besides his considerable production of CDs (in labels like Zeromoon, Homophoni or White Line) and numerous live performances in Spain (Museo Vostell, Arteleku, MACUF, Museum Chillida-Leku, Guggenheim Bilbao, Tabacalera, etc.) he has performed in the United States, Norway, Poland, Portugal and France. Since 2006 he has managed and directed the Zarata-Fest Festival in Bilbao, and owns two netlabels (Larraskito and Doministiku).

French and free-lance, mainly active as a improvising laptop player Xavier studied at Amsterdam’s Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. He’s now based in Paris since 2006.he develops an autodidact approach to laptop playing.The material he uses is rather minimal: sine waves, white noise, feedback, oscillators, most of his sounds are synthetic. His work as a sound artist is inspired by a broad range of aesthetics as well than other issues (perception, surroundings, survival, theory). During the last couple of years, he performed in Europe, Mexico and in the United States. Recent collaborations include Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, Audrey Chen, , Jassem Hindi, Pierre-Yves Martel,  Juan Matos Capote, Alexander Bruck,  Olivier Di placido, Lawrence Williams (…). He co-organizes since April 2010 the trashvortex concert series in Paris, focusing on EAI, noise, improv and free-jazz


Host of the "A Maïzing Session With..."
A crack, a fold, a brightness, a jolt in the plan of the sound, a convexity of surface...


- "Noish & Xedh" (cassette, Pilgrim Talk, PL018, 2012)

- Exiled in Bilbao, Larraskito Audio Dissection Unit (co-production, 2011)

L'occasion d'une petite playlist spéciale Uzusounds, avec bien entendu une écoute sur le mini cd-r sorti il y a peu "Rojo" Xavier Lopez & Miguel A. Garcia !

Rojo, Uzusounds, 2012

- Manuel Knapp & Tim Blechmann "untitled 22" (cdr/net, Uzusounds, 2009)

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