2009-2013, "A Maïzing Session With..." was a radio show devoted to experimental and improvised music, played in real time. Hosted by Anton Mobin from the Maïzing Studio in Paris and broadcasted on the webradio KKWNE, with flexible schedule. In a first part, the show consisted in live acts by international sound artists and musicians on tour or day-off or passing by Paris + in a second part, a free improvisation with Anton Mobin in different set-up. Sometimes Words. Often not. Sometimes Audience. Often private. Some podcasts absolutely Live !



> May 2011 - May 2012  (session#24 to session#41)
18 shows / 28 artists
!!! Broadcasted live on the webradio KKWNE !!!

Gigantic thanks to all the 28 artists who pass by my appartement for a Maïzing Session during the third season ! It was a crazy year !!
Thanks to those who come year after year, thanks to those who come several times in a year
Thanks to consider The Maïzing Session as a real part of your tour and live schedule.
Thanks to find any interest to perform live on the radio.
Thanks for those who released and produced some sounds recorded at home !
Thanks a lot for this great adventure !

Oscar Martin, Noish (es) x2
Zorei (fr)
Pierce Warnecke (usa)
Louis Laurain (fr) x2
Bérangère Maximin (fr) x2
Chuck Bettis (usa)
Benoît Moreau (ch)
Caelia (be)
Ayato (fr) x2
AxDelbor (fr)
Blenno und die Wurstbrücke (fr)
Alexei Borisov (ru)
Olga Nosova (ru)
Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (be)
Colin Johnco (fr)
Julie Rousse (fr)
Rinus van Alebeek (nl)
DMC (fr)
Ismaël Colombani (be)
Jeff Surak (usa)
Chester Hawkins (usa)
Carlos Groënland (fr)
Adrian Beentjes (usa)
Hopek Quirin (de)
Planetaldol (fr)
David Cunliffe (uk)
Emmanuel Lalande (fr)
Christian Galarreta (pe)

Thanks to TBZ, Carlos Groënland and Colin Johnco who did the flyers !

>>> P O D C A S T S <<<

E D I T I O N 

Thanks to Antoine at Hum Rec and Oscar Martin to release on C20 an extract of a duo performed at home during amsw#24 !
Thanks to Ian simpson at electronic Musik !
Thanks a lot Jeff Surak to features Rinus van Alebeek' performance on your lovely Zeromoon label !

#24 on Hum.rec (fr)
#28 on H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record (fr)
#30 on Electronic Musik (uk)
#33 on Zeromoon (usa)

R E L A Y 

A big special thanks to Bérangère Maximin who decided to offer "une carte blanche" to AMSW !
Proposing me, Anton, to select 7 twenty minutes improvisations to be re-broadcasted on her own radio show "Territoires du son" on the local french station Radio St Ferreol !

From March 2012 to Spetember 2012
The third monday of the month