2009-2013, "A Maïzing Session With..." was a radio show devoted to experimental and improvised music, played in real time. Hosted by Anton Mobin from the Maïzing Studio in Paris and broadcasted on the webradio KKWNE, with flexible schedule. In a first part, the show consisted in live acts by international sound artists and musicians on tour or day-off or passing by Paris + in a second part, a free improvisation with Anton Mobin in different set-up. Sometimes Words. Often not. Sometimes Audience. Often private. Some podcasts absolutely Live !


WEDNESDAY, JULY 18th, 2012

Start 14:00 (gmt+1)
on the webradio KKWNE !


A Special broadcast to celebrate "World Listening Day 2012"

JULIE ROUSSE (fr) : Laptop, Field recordings & Dreams
Lives and works in Paris. Composer, improviser.
Self-taught sound artist, it is in theatre she made her first steps as a noise composer in Montreal.
Collector of sounds she finds in the streets of the world, this raw material is for her an infinite source of rhythms and colours, which she shapes with real time sound treatment software – real time being the essential element of her spontaneous and chaotic approach.
Her main idea is to regain an organic feeling in music by means of electronic devices and improvisational acts. Working between composition and improvisation, she has developed her very own resonant and poetic universe, with a marked taste for abstract narration, turbulence of details and inextricable disorder of life.

PLANETALDOL (fr) : Field recordings & Nightmares
"No biography for Planetaldol yet"
That's what you can read on the web if you're looking for some infos more about him !
That seems crazy according the massive productions of this artist and his respectable position in the ambient-industrial parisian scene over decades ! First he co-manages with Flavien Gillié the independent label 3patttes and its sub-division online Earsheltering. It worth visiting both sections !
Planetaldol is an obsessed enthusiast by field recordings which he integrates widely into his work of composition. Always in search of strange sounds, disturbing recordings injected by a good dose of unhealthy, Planetaldol creates an insane ambient, one specifies that your moods will be transported and your souls perhaps devoured...

Planetaldol is also an usual guest of AMSW since the beginning : fantastic to welcome Planetaldol for his seventh participation !

ANTON MOBIN (fr) : Cassettes, Field recordings & Hopes
Looking for a new way to record and compose for/with magnetic tapes, i want to propose a mixed form composition in real time based on sounds recorded on cassettes and played with different cassette players.
All field recordings captured in location of Le Croisic, Loire Atlantique, France, in July 2012.

Program :

3 solos live acts + trio

--- special diffusion ---

François-Emmanuel Fodéré : Mumbai/Dharwad
11017# Chalukya Expres
16 feb, 2011,
32 minutes (((inédit)))

Junkcore Jazz Quartet : Experimental music for women (netrelease)

Christian Galarreta : Raw Filed recordings 1 : Habitaciòn en Buenos Aires (cd)
Uzusounds 013

Marinos koutsomichalis : Peripatetic (cd)

Christian Galarreta: Polis (cd)
Aloardi 028

Jacopo Biserni : Field recordings from India (cassette)
Lonktaar 016

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